Photiou Estates Inspection Trips
Photiou Estates Inspection Trips are an exciting way to view the vast range of properties that we have available.
The visit will last from 3 to 4 days, during which we will help you find your dream home and introduce you to a trustworthy solicitor, who speaks English, and take you , step-by-step, through the sales process.
A basic itinerary for our inspection trips is outlined below:
Day 1
You will be picked up from the airport by one of our representatives at a reduced cost to you of CYP45,00 return trip.
You will then be taken to your accommodation which is provided free of charge and left to relax after your journey.
Day 2
You will be met by your sales representative who will give you a tour and take you through the different developments and properties that interest you in order to show you the real product on the spot.
During the tour you will stop for a complimentary lunch with your sales representative.
Day 3
By now you will hopefully have your ideal property in mind, so now is the time to re-visit the properties.  Once you have decided which property you wish to purchase you will then be introduced to our Managing Director to answer any questions that you may have.
The evening will consist of a relaxing dinner with your sales representative to discuss the possible purchase of your new home.
Day 4
If you decide to proceed with the property you will then visit the bank to open up a bank account and visit the solicitor to sign contracts.  At this stage you will be given a refund of 1 airline ticket.
You will then be met by one of our representatives and taken back to Larnaca International airport for your trip home.
With around 340 days of sunshine a year, Cyprus has one of the healthiest and most enjoyable climates in Europe. The warm, dry summers begin in May and last until October. A cooling breeze heralds the coming of autumn yet the sun remains high in the blue sky. The winter is short and mild making walks along the shore pleasurable.

Cyprus is deservedly called the Island of Love. Here you can wander through picturesque streets, take in colorful festivals, follow in the footsteps of ancient civilizations, watch your children play and treat your palate to delicious local and international cuisine.

2.Cost of Living
The cost of living is much lower than most other European countries. Eating in a local taverna with a bottle of wine, for two people would cost approximately CYP10,00 - CYP20,00. Yearly rates are between CYP50,00 - CYP250,00 depending on the size of the plot.

Cypriot people are well known for their hospitality and friendliness. Their homes are always open and they enjoy offering friends and neighbours a nice traditional meal.

4.Property in Cyprus
Prices of property in Cyprus have seen significant growth over the last few years and it is widely accepted that this trend is expected to continue into the future. Entry into the EU last year (2005) has already resulted in a significant economic uplift, as well as a higher demand for property from both the existing and new EU member countries looking to invest in the Cyprus property market. Property prices are gone up a lot in comparison with the last 2 years (over 25%), and they are still rising. Therefore, anyone buying now is sure of their investment

5.Why buy in Cyprus
Security, weather, cost of living, hospitality, health, beaches, friendliness.......